Effective Advertising With Vinyl Banners

Effective Advertising With Vinyl Banners

Using vinyl banners is an easy and practical way to promote your brand and business. However, the message can be lost without careful consideration. Taking time to choose the best message, location, color combination, fonts and graphics will help you make a custom banner that shines.

What's the Message?

Whether you are using a custom banner for a limited-time sale or for overall visibility and traffic, keeping the message short and to the point will create a lasting affect. Potential customers are busy and distracted. It is unlikely that they will take the time to read more than 5 to 8 eight words as they pass by your business. Even signs that are used inside the store should be no longer than 15 words. Sum up the message briefly with exciting, persuasive language and a strong call to action.

Location, Location, Location

The placement of your vinyl banners is as important as the location of your business. Use large banners outside your business in a place that catches the eye of drivers and pedestrians. Be careful not to cause confusion by placing banners in places that are hard to see or covering your store name. Vinyl banners inside the store should lead customers further inside and to the products you are advertising. Indoor banners should also strike interest and encourage customers to ask associates for more information.

Increase Visibility with Clean Design

The last factor to consider when creating a custom banner is choosing a visible color combination and clean design. For vinyl banners that are used outdoors, studies by the Outdoor Advertising Association of America show the color combinations that are easiest to read are black on yellow, yellow on black, black on white, and white on blue. Using two different colors or fonts can highlight important information, but too many colors and fonts can be confusing. Graphics are also recommended, but make sure it is high quality and resolution so that it will be printed clearly in a large format.

Creating a custom vinyl banner is easy and an effective tool for advertising. Throughout the design process it is important to remember that less is more. Carefully following these tips will bring positive results for your business's branding and advertising.