How to Hang A Banner - Hanging & Maintaining Banners

Make Your Banners Last Longer

Banners are one of the easiest tools to promote your business in a stylish and professional way. However, nothing detracts from your message more than an old, ragged sign. That's why BannersOnTheCheap makes banners with durable vinyl and professional finishing to withstand rain, wind and other forces of nature that could potentially leave your banner in a sad state. Whether your banner is meant for outdoor use or inside your store, here are some tips on how to hang your banner and maintain it so that it lasts as long as we built it to!

How to Hang Your Banner Outside

When hanging your banner outside, it's important to use the right materials. This means heavy duty zip ties at the corners when hanging on a fence, especially if the sign will be in a windy area. If you don't have a fence to hang your banner, bungee cables and hanging clips allow for a little give and are good around posts or columns. Banner bungees are also useful in windy places, as the corners of the sign will be less likely to tear. If the wind isn't an issue for your business, consider the super suction cups to place the banner on your storefront window.

Displaying Your Banner Inside

Although you don't have to worry about the elements damaging the banner inside your business, you still want your banner to compliment and promote your business in a flattering way. Using a telescoping banner stand allows for large banners to be placed throughout the store without damaging walls or detracting from product displays. Many brands, like the Pegasus Telescoping Banner Stand, are adjustable anywhere from 3' x 5' to 8' x 7' making it easy to reuse and fit almost any sign. If the banner will be more permanent, screw in a hook for each corner and use banner hanging clips and heavy duty zip ties to make your banner stays in place.

How to Maintain Your Banner

A little extra effort and care will help your banner last much longer. First, don't toss out your shipping box immediately after you receive your banner. Instead, use it store your banner and protect it when not in use. Next, always roll the banner up with the print facing out when storing it. Never fold the banner. Third, avoid storing the banner in extreme heat or light, like in a car or near a window. Finally, when cleaning your banner, use a mild dish soap with lukewarm water and a cotton towel. Paper products can cause scratching, and you should never use a brush, power washer, or other heavy duty cleaning tool. Following these tips will prolong the life of your banner and keep your business looking sharp, not shabby.